Covid Safety

SASC participates in Seattle Parks and Recreation’s City-wide Athletics division, which provides opportunities for youth to participate in sports in an environment that fosters sportsmanship, skills, and passion. We will be following and supporting the following COVID Notice from Seattle Parks and Recreation.

COVID Notice: As we work to keep everyone healthy, we ask that you please keep in mind the following as you consider your child’s participation in youth sports: 

  • Please keep your players home if they are sick.
  • Please have any family member who is sick stay home.
  • If you or any family members who plan to attend are in a high-risk group for contracting illness (i.e., unvaccinated, over 60, or have an underlying health condition) please stay home.
  • To minimize congregation, Seattle Parks and Recreation states that no parents are allowed at practice and only one ticket for attendance per player per game.

Detailed information from Seattle Parks and Recreation can be found here:

We know that these events are important to you and your family, and we want everyone to stay healthy. Thank You.