Priority Registration (August 15-31)

Returning SASC members in “good standing” are eligible to submit registration forms beginning August 15. Priority registration ends on August 31.

A player is considered to be in “good standing” if,

  1. S/he was on an official SASC team roster for the previous program year.
  2. All registration fees for the previous program year are paid in full.
  3. Returning players who are “not in good standing” may be refused registration, until his/her “good standing” is reinstated. Registration will be considered effective as of this date.

Open Registration (September 1)

All interested players who did not participate in the previous full program year can submit a registration form beginning September 1. Any registration forms received prior to September 1, will be considered received on September 1. After September 1, registrations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. For Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPAR) teams, registration remains open until November 30 or until team is full (see Team Assignment section). SPAR teams are ages 9 to 17 year olds. There is no registration deadline for clinic (ages 6-8 year olds).

Financial Assistance

SASC has a limited number of financial aid opportunities for income qualified families to assist with defraying the cost of registration fees. A properly completed Financial Assistance Application and required $25 fee must be submitted along with each player’s registration form. Online registrants must mail in the Financial Assistance Application within 10 days of online registration to hold their registration position. Download the Financial Assistance Application and send the completed form to SASC, PO Box 3084, Seattle, WA 98114. Failure to submit a properly completed Financial Assistance Application and required $25 application fee within 10 days will cause the player to lose registration position and “good standing” status. Players who are “not in good standing will not be allowed to participate in practices or games until his/her “good standing” is reinstated. Registration position is considered effective as of the date when proper payment is made and properly completed Financial Assistance Application is received. All information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

Registrations can be submitted online or sent via standard mail.

Online Registration

1. Read and understand the Registration, Participation and Refund Policy. When you register for a team, you will be asked to confirm your understanding. Click on the ‘Step One’ link below to see the guidelines.

2. Washington State law requires that each player and parent understand the nature and risks of concussion injuries before they can practice or play. When you register for a team, you will be asked to confirm your understanding. Click on the ‘Step Two’ link below to open the document for downloading.

Step Two

3. Register for a team online by selecting the ‘Step Three’ link, below. When you register, please note your login email and password so you can update your information later or register as a returning player. All online registrations must now include payment online via credit card (Visa or Mastercard).
a. Create your account. Clicking ‘Step Three’, below, will open the Blue Sombrero registration landing page. Click on the Register button on the upper right corner to create your account. Then continue with entering player information and registration.
b. When you return to Blue Sombrero click on the Login button, you will go to your account page. From there add players and/or click the Register Now button in the upper right corner.
c. Your account page is where you add players, register player(s) and see the status of your account and registrations.

Click Step Three to go to the Blue Sombrero registration site. 

Step Three

Mail-in Registration

If you wish to submit via standard mail, please download the Mail-In Registration Package to:

Seattle Asian Sports Club
PO Box 3084
Seattle, WA 98114