2013 Vancouver Jamboree Schedule

Updated 2013 Vancouver Jamboree schedule, as of 2/13/2013!

Don’t forget about the hospitality room Saturday night. The Thompson Room at the River Rock Casino will be available for SASC members to stop by and socialize from 8pm to 12am. All families are invited to come by to mingle with other SASC families and have some snacks. Board & Operations members will be available to answer any questions.

Strathcona / Seattle SASC Can-Am Jamboree
February 16-17, 2013

Schedule as of 2/13/2013

Saturday, 2/16/2013 Britannia Gym A (Boys) Britannia Gym B (Girls) Strathcona CC
10:00 AM 15B Darryl Wong 16/17G Peter Tsai
11:00 AM 14B Jeff Liang 15G Gloria Eng
12:00 PM 13B Les Lung 14G Gary Low
1:00 PM 12B Jeff Iwata 13G Jackie Nakata 6 & y yr old boys Clinic
2:00 PM 11B Wilson Chin 11G Raymond Huie 7 yr old girls, 8 yr old boys and girls Clinic
3:00 PM 10B Barry Mar 16B Andy Chow
4:00 PM 9B Gordon Chan 10G Allan Chinn
5:00 PM 17B Randy Wo-Eng
Sunday, 2/17/2013 Britannia Gym A (Boys) Brittania Gym B (Girls) Strathcona
9:30 AM 10B Barry Mar 9B Gordon Chan
10:30 AM 11B Wilson Chin 10G Allan Chinn
11:30 AM 12B Jeff Iwata 11G Raymond Huie
12:00 PM 6 and 7 yr old boys Clinic
12:30 PM 13B Les Lung 13G Jackie Nakata
1:00 PM 7 yr old girls, 8 yr old boys and girls Clinic
1:30 PM 14B Jeff Liang 14G Gary Low
2:30 PM 15B Darryl Wong 15G Gloria Eng
3:30 PM 16B Andy Chow 16/17G Peter Tsai
4:30 PM 17B Randy Wo-Eng

Saturday games will be mixed evenly split Strathcona/SASC teams with each coach taking a team.
Sunday games will be Strathcona vs SASC.

Britannia Secondary School
1001 Cotton Drive, Vancouver, BC V5L 3T4
Parking available in the lot off Cotton Drive. Walk up the ramp by the tennis courts into Gym A & B.

Strathcona Community Center
601 Keefer Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 3V8
604-713-1838 (phone)
Parking available in the back at 592 East Pender Street.

Here is the schedule in pdf format