Vancouver Jamboree

SASC has ongoing relationships with Strathcona Community Centre in Vancouver, B.C., near Vancouver’s Chinatown. Historically, SASC teams travel to Vancouver for a two-day basketball jamboree, on President’s Day weekend. Games are played on Saturday and Sunday with a social event for teams and family members on Saturday evening.

Each SASC team will play at least one game each day. Depending on match-ups, your team could play two games each day. Traditionally, the first day teams are mixed with half SASC and half Vancouver players to foster friendships and friendly competition. 

Since proper documentation is needed to cross the border we have provided this information to help you – Border Crossing Information

All SASC players must submit a permission form. Please find the permission form on our forms page. Parents and players please read the guidelines, then return the signed form to your coach by February 1st.