Crevin Ko Inspirational Coach of the Year Award


Crevin Ko 1958-2009

Inspirational Coach of the Year Award

The Crevin Ko Inspirational Coach of the Year Award is given annually to a SASC coach that exemplifies leadership, sportsmanship, dedication, teamwork. and a positive outlook. These are the qualities that Crevin exhibited as a coach and the same qualities we look for in the nominees for this award. Crevin passed away March 21, 2009 at the young age of 50. This coach’s award was introduced to honor Crevin, SASC coach and friend, and the coaching values that he stood for: respect, commitment and teamwork. Crevin’s coaching experience spanned more than 20 years. Many of those years were spent coaching SASC teams and included the Clinic and the Girls 13 year old Silver League Champions in 2007. Crevin had a passion for sports and was committed to our youth. With Crevin’s values as our guide, this coach’s award is based on the following criteria:crevin1

  • Personal commitment to coaching excellence on and off the court
  • Focus on mastery of basketball skills over winning
  • Use of positive feedback and teamwork values to develop the athlete as a whole person
  • Acts as mentor and role model
  • Commitment to community service