Donation Maintenance

Only CC Donations Inactive Til Early August

SASC is about community and developing youth. There is the community of volunteers that produce this terrific opportunity for youth to learn life lessons through and around the sport of basketball. SASC is 100% a volunteer organization. We all willingly give of ourselves to labor in this important experience for our children. The SASC community is also the players and their families who participate, cheer and support each other. We believe the broader community benefits from the experiences and development of future citizens through the SASC program.

SASC produces a year-around program to engage and develop. Players engage in practices, games and community service projects. They develop not only skills playing basketball but also friendships that can last a lifetime.

Help us in this important work. Your donation can help to defray some of the costs of this program. There are several levels of donation support available. Donations by credit card is disabled until early August. Donations can still be made by check and mailed to:

Seattle Asian Sports Club
P.O. Box 3084
Seattle, WA 98114