Picture Night 2017

Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Location: Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church, Social Hall
Address: 3001 24th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

Instructions for Parents

  1. Please have your child at the church ten (10) minutes ahead of his or her team’s scheduled photo shoot. When you arrive, find your team and stay together. Late arrivals throw off the entire schedule. If team members are late, there is no guarantee that team pictures will be retaken.
  2. If your child cannot be at the photo shoot, please let your coach know in advance.

Instructions for Coaches

  1. Coordinate with your Parent Coordinator to make sure each of your team members receive a copy of this schedule.
  2. Photos will be taken with SASC uniforms which will be passed out on Picture Night.
  3. Please have your team lined up, dressed in SASC uniforms, and ready for their photo shoot five (5) minutes before your scheduled time. Line players up from tallest to shortest.
  4. Check in with the Picture Night Coordinator (Sue Mar) as soon as your team is gathered together.
13 girls Al Chinn 6:30 pm
Clinic 8 Boys and 9 Girls Ray Huie 6:35 pm
13 boys Andy Chow 6:40 pm
9 boys Christine Bartolome 6:45 pm
17 boys Justin Umagat 6:55 pm
17 girls Jackie Kelley 7:00 pm
All Graduating Seniors n/a 7:05 pm
Clinic 6 and 7 boys Ray Huie 7:10 pm
14 boys Randy Wo-Eng 7:15 pm
10 boys Allan Chinn 7:25 pm
15 boys Mark Nakagawa 7:30 pm
Clinic 6 and 7 girls Ray Huie 7:35 pm
11 boys Darryl Wong 7:40 pm
16 boys Wilson Chin 7:45 pm
11 girls Leslie Ikeda 7:55 pm
15 girls Ray Huie 8:00 pm
Board and Ops Committee   8:05 pm

Note: Team photos will be sold at the Spring Jamboree; No advance payment required on January 26.

Schedule (pdf)

Magazine Cover and Individual Photos: These photos will be taken on February 8. Order form is now available. Please complete the form in advance and bring to Picture Night.

Magazine Cover and Individual Photo Order Form (pdf)

Team Photos: No money for team photos will be collected on Picture Night. Team photos will be sold at the Spring Jamboree.