SASC Registration, Participation & Refunds

Priority Registration (August 1-31)

Returning SASC members in “good standing” are eligible to submit registration forms beginning September 1. Priority registration ends on August 31.

A player is considered to be in “good standing” if,

  1. S/he was on an official SASC team roster for the previous program year.
  2. All registration fees for the previous program year are paid in full.
  3. Returning players who are “not in good standing” may be refused registration, until his/her “good standing” is reinstated. Registration will be considered effective as of this date.

Open Registration (September 1)

All interested players who did not participate in the previous full program year can submit a registration form beginning September 1. Any registration forms received prior to September 1, will be considered received on September 1. After September 1, registrations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. For Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPAR) teams, registration remains open until November 30 or until the team is full (see Team Assignment section). SPAR teams are ages 9 to 17 year olds. There is no registration deadline for clinic (ages 6-8 year olds).

Financial Assistance

SASC has a limited number of financial aid opportunities for income qualified families to assist with defraying the cost of registration fees. A Financial Assistance Application and required $25 application fee must be submitted along with each player’s registration form. Online registrants must mail in the Financial Assistance Application within 10 days of online registration to hold their registration position. Download the Financial Assistance Application, found here, and send the completed form SASC, PO Box 3084, Seattle, WA 98144. Failure to submit a completed Financial Assistance Application within 10 days will cause the player to lose registration position and “good standing” status. Players who are “not in good standing” will not be allowed to participate in practices or games until his/her “good standing” is reinstated. Registration position is considered effective as of the date when proper payment is made and properly completed Financial Assistance Application. All information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

Team Assignments

It is the goal of SASC to field one team at each age level for each gender. Team assignments are made according to the following criteria:

  1. The first ten players registered at any given age group will be assigned by SASC to the appropriate team. The minimum number of players needed to field a team is seven by the third week of fall practice. The maximum is ten players. Each SASC head coach has the option of allowing an eleventh or twelfth player should there be a waiting list.
  2. If any one team shall have more than ten players initially registered, all registrants over ten, shall be placed on a waiting list in rank order according to the date of online registration. If space on a roster opens up, an offer will be made to registrants on the waiting list in rank order.
  3. Priority on the waitlist will be determined as follows:
    1. Date of registration.
    2. Registrant who played in the 2019/20 SASC season prior to Covid and opted to not sign up.
    3. New registrant who is a sibling of a current SASC player in “good standing”.
    4. Registrants on a waitlist for a team on the previous year who didn’t get placed on a team.
    5. New registrant from participant in a SASC special program in the last program year. Programs include, but not limited to Summer Program and Eastside Clinic.
    6. If a tie persists between registrants after the above priority is applied, the names of tied registrants will be “placed in a hat” and a drawing will be conducted to determine who is “in” and who is “out”.
  4. Registrations will not be accepted for a SASC team with six or fewer players after the end of SASC’s official third week of fall practice. The team will be disbanded and the player’s registration fee will be refunded. A player on a disbanded team may have the opportunity to be placed on another appropriate age team, on a space available basis. This drop dead date excludes clinic players ages 6-9.

Refund Policy

Requests for refunds must be submitted to in a timely manner. The following conditions apply and refunds will be granted accordingly:
Full Refund

  1. Registrants who decide to withdraw on or before October 31.
  2. Registrants on a disbanded team due to lack of age appropriate players by the third week of fall practice.
  3. Registrants on the waitlist and no space are on the team.

Partial Refund (full membership minus $75)

  1. Registrants who decide to withdraw by November 30.
  2. Registrants who make their high school JV or varsity team and decide to withdraw by December 11.

NO Refund will be issued to registrants who decide to withdraw after the dates listed above.
If a family registered more than one player, refunds will be processed from least to most expensive (i.e., sibling before primary).

Attendance at Practice and Playing Time

It is the position of SASC that attendance at practice is critical to both individual and team success. SASC expects players to make every effort to attend all practices and games. Attendance at practice will have a direct impact on playing time. Check with your head coach for his/her specific attendance policy.

Multiple Team Participation

Players who play for multiple teams face the dilemma of adequate participation in SASC team practices and games. We understand that contemporary family life is full of choices and competing activities. By becoming a member of SASC, we assume that you and your child believe the SASC program will benefit the development and growth of your child. We expect you are committed to participating fully and that SASC is a high priority in the extracurricular life of your child.

AAU/Select/traveling team players impact SASC team placement in league play. The SPAR 2018 Youth Basketball Rule Book states that, if one player on a SPAR team roster also plays for a select or traveling team, the SPAR team, of which he or she is a member must be entered at the Competitive or Select Division Level. What this means is that if your child plays on a select team or traveling team in another league, and is also on the roster of a SASC team, that SASC team must be entered in the Competitive or Select Division Level, regardless of the skill level of the other players on that particular SASC team. Varsity High School players are not eligible to play on SPAR teams. JV players are now eligible to play on SPAR teams, a recent change in SPAR.

Updated 08/1/2021