SASC Awards and Updates

We hope everyone is safe and doing well.  We have several 
announcements so please take a moment to review the information below.

First of all, we’d like to give a HUGE shout out to our graduating 
SASC seniors.  Nicholas Hamakami, Kiegan Kitashima, Jason Moore, 
Justin Sakamoto, Christopher Wu, and Jonathan Yee all started out in 
our clinic program.  Jackson Hathaway, Ryan McLendon, Jacob Parmer, 
Raphael Runez, Ren Schneider, and Christopher Kim have joined along 
the way. Randy Wo-Eng has coached this team since they were in 5th 
grade! Congrats to them all!

We would also like to announce our 2019-2020 award winners.   
CONGRATULATIONS to the following players.

Defensive Players of the Year
Micah Lind (10B Turner)
Eli Hooker (10B Wright)
Owen Tam (10B Shimomura)
Henry Loya (12B Saunders)
NaTasha McCarthy (12G Huie)
Kaleb Gray (13B Sianson)
Lydia Trinh (14G Ikeda)
Kai Yamamoto (16B Kato)
Emily Choi (16G Chinn)
Ryan McLendon (17B Wo-Eng)

Coaches Award
Miggy Lorette (10B Turner)
Amos Hunter (10B Wright)
Jacob Yee-Naviet (10B Shimomura)
Christopher Smith-Saunders (12B Saunders)
Kyara Dollente-Luzenski (12G Huie)
Cody Sianson (13B Sianson)
Makena Chin (14G Ikeda)
Parker Beck (16B Kato)
Allison Shibata (16G Chinn)
Nicholas Hamakami, Jason Moore, Kiegan Kitashima, and Jonathan Yee 
(17B Wo-Eng)

*Award winners may contact their coaches for trophy distribution details.

Yuen Lui Studios is starting to slowly open and once we are able to 
pick up the team pictures, we will be sending them to you.  If you 
have recently moved or would like to receive them at a different 
address, please email Leslie at

A big THANKS to those who completed our survey.  If you haven’t done 
so yet, you still have time!  We have a new SASC Board and we would 
greatly appreciate your feedback.  We will be keeping it live till 
July 1st. Please click below to begin.

Lastly, our registration usually begins on August 1st.  We will 
continue to keep you updated regarding next season.

Stay safe and well,
SASC Operations Committee