SASC Coaches 2018-19

SASC is proud to announce this year’s coaches. This year we have several new head coaches and one returning coach. Please welcome our 2018-19 coaches.

Team Caoch

9 year old boys M. Shimomura
11 year old boys J. Loui
11 year old girls R. Huie
12 year old boys M. Nakagawa
13 year old boys J. Umagat
13 year old girls L. Ikeda
15 year old boys A. Kato
14-15 year old girls A. Chinn
16 year old boys R. Wo-Eng
17 year old boys W. Chin
17 year old girls R. Huie

All SASC coaches volunteer their time to provide your child a safe and rewarding basketball experience. Please give them your support this year.