SASC Eastside Clinic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With Newport Girls Basketball Association’s help to get gym time, this fall SASC is starting a basketball clinic for 6-9 year olds on the Eastside. This clinic will run from October to the end of December. Practice time will be 7-9pm at Newport Heights Elementary School. 6-7 year olds will practice 7:00-8:00pm, and 8-9 year olds will practice 8:00-9:00pm. The cost for this clinic will be $75.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Eastside Clinic.

Q. Can I sign up only for the Eastside Clinic?
A. Yes.

Q. What time will be the clinic be held?
A. Friday, 7-9pm, at Newport Heights. 6-7 year olds will practice 7:00-8:00pm and 8-9 year olds will practice 8:00-9:00pm.

Q. If I signed up for the Seattle Clinic, can I practice on the Eastside?
A. All Eastside Clinic participants need to register for the Eastside Clinic as a separate program and pay the $75 fee to cover costs.

Q. Can I swap between the Eastside and the Seattle clinic?
A. No, in order for us to make efficient use of our gym time and coaches time, participants can only attend the clinic they signed up. Participants can sign up for both programs and attend in Seattle and Eastside. The cost for both programs will be $225 (6-8 year olds) or $325 (9 year olds).

Q. What happens when the Eastside Clinic ends in December?
A. There are a couple options after December.

  1. Ages 6-8 can pay to join the Seattle Clinic on a space available basis, for $75
  2. Join an Eastside program such as Bellevue Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Upward (a Christian-run organization in Renton), various community centers.

Q. Why can’t 9 year olds join Seattle Clinic in December?
A. We put our Seattle clinic 9 year olds in the Seattle Parks Department cubbie league, which starts in January. All teams playing in the Seattle Parks Department are required to submit a roster in November

Q. What are the differences between Seattle Clinic and Eastside Clinic
A1. Eastside Clinic does not include participation in Vancouver Jamboree, Spring Jamboree and Summer Camp and League, which is included with the Seattle Clinic.
A2. Eastside Clinic participants are not be eligible for priority registration. Seattle Clinic players will have registration priority over all other participants for the following year and for the summer program.
A3. Eastside Clinic 9 year olds will not be participating in a cubbie league.

Q. Do current members get priority registration?
A. Current members will get registration priority for two weeks, starting 9/6. On 9/20, open registration will start with priority determined as follows:

  1. date of registration
  2. new registrants who is a sibling of a current SASC player in “good standing”
  3. new registrants from participants in a SASC special program in the last program year. Programs include, but not limited to tennis and summer program.
  4. if a tie persists between registrants after the above priority is applied, the names of tied registrants will be “placed in a hat” and a drawing will be conducted to determine who is “in” and who is “out”.

Q. How do I register?
A. Go to our registration page and follow the instructions