Spring Jamboree 2016

Updated: 3/14/2016 (corrected 14B/15B confusion, fixed 12B, Sunday times)

The SASC Spring Jamboree is scheduled for April 2nd and 3rd, 2016 at Seattle Pacific University.

Saturday night, April 2nd, there will be a social at Blaine Methodist Church, 7-9:00pm, for food and friendship. All SASC members are to bring a main dish and either a salad or dessert.

Last names that begin with:
A-M: bring a main dish and a salad
N-Z: bring a main dish and a dessert

The Vancouver players and coaches look forward to all the wonderful food. Teams will be assigned for clean and setup of the jamboree and social, along with other duties at the social. Parent Coordinators will be contacted regarding their team’s responsibilities.

See below for the game schedule.

SASC Jamboree
April 2nd and 3rd, 2016
Seattle Pacific University @ Royal Brougham Pavilion
3414 Third Ave West
Seattle, WA 98119

Saturday, April 2, 2016
9:30 SASC Clinic 6B, 6G, 7B, 7G/td>

SASC Clinic 9B & 9G vs Coach Jeff Dabbs Coaches Alumni game
10:45 SASC Clinic 8B and 8G SASC Clinic Coaches Alumni game
12:00 SASC 17G A. Chinn/Huie and Strathcona T. Li SASC 10G L. Ikeda and Strathcona H. Wong SASC 13B R. Wo-Eng and Strathcona J. Lum
1:00 SASC 16B J. Umagat and Strathcona K. Hoang SASC 10B J. Chin and Strathcona P. Cumaual SASC 13/14G R. Huie and Strathcona J. Vina
2:00 SASC 12G A. Chinn and Strathcona V. Watson SASC 12B A. Chow and Strathcona W. Liang SASC 14B M. Nakagawa and Strathcona S. Ibrahim
3:00 SASC 16G J. Nakata and Strathcona A. Banh SASC 17B J. Liang and Strathcona W. Hoang SASC 15B W. Chin and Strathcona R. Tom

****ALL Saturday’s games will be mixed with Vancouver teams****

Sunday, April 3, 2016
9:30 SASC 13B R. Wo-Eng vs Strathcona J. Lum SASC 13/14G R. Huie vs Strathcona J. Vina SASC 10G L. Ikeda vs Strathcona H. Wong
10:30 SASC 14B M. Nakagawa vs Strathcona 1S. Ibrahim SASC 16G J. Nakata vs Strathcona A. Banh SASC 10B J. Chin vs Strathcona P. Cumaual
11:30 SASC 15B W. Chin vs Strathcona R. Tom SASC 17G A. Chinn/Huie vs Strathcona T. Li SASC 12G A. Chinn vs Strathcona V. Watson
12:30 SASC 16B J. Umagat vs Strathcona K. Hoang SASC 17B J. Liang vs Strathcona W. Hoang SASC 12B A. Chow vs Strathcona W. Liang
1:30 SASC Clinic 9B, 9G vs Outside Team/td>

SASC Clinic 6B, 6G, 7B, 7G  
2:45 SASC Clinic 8B & 8G SASC Clinic 8B & 8G  

If you don’t see all three gyms on your phone, please try viewing the pdf below.

PDF Version