The Great Leap

Occasionally we notify our members of events in the community. Here is an opportunity to see the Seattle Repertory production of The Great Leap by Lauren Lee at a reduced rate. There are also opportunities to chat with the writer, producer, and/or cast members after the show. Recommended for high school and up due to some harsh language by the coach.

See the Great Leap at the Seattle Repertory Theater. It’s a delightfully unexpected and touching cultural drama in which politics and family history meet on the basketball court!

March 23 – April 22, 2018
Leo K. Theatre

China, 1971. The Communist Cultural Revolution is in full swing. San Francisco, 1989. The city by the bay is on the brink of cultural revolution on its own. The name of the game is basketball. Beijing University’s Coach Wen Chang is the quiet efficient Tim Duncan-esque Party supporter, and Manford is a young, sparky kid from SF’s Chinatown, vertically challenged, yet graced with undeniable baller skill. As the story leaps back and forth in time, Wen Chang and Manford play the game, facing unimaginable cultural barriers, and as they circle ever closer to one another, an undeniable truth is revealed: that sometimes there’s more to life than making the shot.

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